Freedom, peace and tranquility…

Guests are always made to feel at home in the main part of the building. You can relax in the large beamed reception hall or pass your time in the sitting room.
You can wander freely from the courtyard to the terrace and into the garden where you can enjoy sunbathing in deckchairs or take a quiet walk.
Both children and adults can find space to play, converse, rest peacefully, read or meditate.
Discretion is one of the great assets offered by La Dîme De Giverny.

Getting back to a certain state of mind.

The oldest part of La Dîme De Giverny is used as the reception of guests, and spreads around a paved courtyard.
The new owners wanted to emphasize the characteristics of the various series of linked rooms and underline its original architectural features
The discreetly eclectic furniture mixes some contemporary creations with elements of retro spirit.
A sophisticated simplicity has been favored, suggesting the continuity of a passed lifestyle to the present.

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