The History of La Dîme

As is the case with all the Dimière barns, La Dîme De Giverny – a 13th century construction – was built in order to store the tithe (Dîme), a tax intended for the Catholic Church. Thus, before the revolution, one tenth of all cattle and crop was taken from the farmers. The Dîmière barn served to protect these harvests from the bad weather before they were redistributed to their beneficiary, the secular clergy of the Abbey of Saint-Ouen of Rouen. But with the fall of the Ancient Régime, during the Revolution, the barn lost its secular utility and was transformed into a farm building.

At the dawn of the 20th century, the building was acquired by Féron Establishments, a company of gardeners and horticulturalists, who transformed this rustic farm into a spacious family house. The owners also added a wide square tower endowed with a large window. This space was most likely used as an artists’ studio which was probably of use to the painters who made Giverny famous during their stays in the village. It is known that Albertine-Louise, the Féron’s daughter, was repeatedly used as a model to Frederick Carl Frieseke.

When Albert Féron died in 1916, Albertine-Louise inherited La Dîme, which she sold at the beginning of the 1920s. The house became the property of Teddy Toulgouat, son-in-law of Theodore Earl Butler, the American impressionist painter. With his wife Lilly, Teddy received not only painters, but also many other artists of the time in his house. From May 1923, Louis Aragon settled down for a while with his fiancée of the time, Nancy Cunard. Michel Leiris, as well as Isadora Duncan, were also regular visitors of the place.

From the 1990s the house is left in abeyance … For more than twenty years, La Dîme remained uninhabited, left abandoned to the bad weather until 2014 when it was acquired by the Bonnet family who, after important restoration work, brought the place back to life by transforming it into a Guest House and a reception hall.

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